Fashion Belle's Favorite Modesty Resources

Open Bible with world globe in the background

This book previously titled What does the Bible say about your appearance? was one of the most influential pieces of literature in the life of the founder of the Fashion Belle website toward pursuing a career as an apparel patternmaker with the goal of creating modest clothing. Author Ray Powell has graciously given permission for the book to be edited and published online here.

Modesty Survey from The Rebelution website by Alex and Brett Harris

The Rebelution is a Christian teen ministry founded by Alex and Brett Harris with the motto, "A teenage rebellion against low expectations." In 2007, this group conducted an online Modesty Survey of over 1,600 men. The survey results were taken offline in 2014, but our review of the survey remains at the featured link.

Books related to modesty from author Shaunti Feldhahn, based on surveys with thousands of men from all walks of life

Author Shaunti Feldhahn details survey findings about the importance of modest clothing choices for women in a variety of books. Follow the primary link to visit Shaunti's website or read our reviews about the insights on modesty from three of her books.

Pure Fashion

From the site, "Through a seven month Model Training Program . . . Pure Fashion models learn the importance of living a life in accordance with God’s will and fostering a life of grace through purity of heart, mind, and body. The Pure Fashion program culminates in a city-wide fashion show featuring clothing that is pretty but not provocative, trendy but still tasteful."

Fashion Meets Faith

Shari Braendel holds a degree in fashion merchandising and has worked as an image consultant for individuals and corporations. As a Christian women's speaker in the United States and internationally, her conference themes include Beauty Boot Camp, What to Wear, Maximizing Beauty, and Modesty Rocks for Teens and Tweens.

Pure Freedom books and events about modesty and purity by Bob and Dannah Gresh

This official site of Christian authors Bob and Dannah Gresh is rich with educational content promoting modesty. From the site's introduction, "Pure Freedom . . . provides resources in the form of books and live events to equip men and women of all ages to live lives of purity. Dannah provides a special emphasis on equipping moms to raise their tween girls to be sexually pure, modest and emotionally whole teen girls."

Secret Keeper Girl

This is the official site for Christian author and speaker Dannah Gresh's Secret Keeper Girl event that target mothers and tween daughters, during which event facilitators teach modesty and “true beauty.”

Modest Clothing Directory categorized by religious preference

This directory categorizes modest clothing resources according to religious groups. The founder, Dara Becker, occasionally references her personal favorite Islamic clothing choices, however, her site includes resources for many other religious groups in addition to her own.

A Christian Home modest clothing shopping directory

This page of shopping recommendations lists links to stores offering new and used modest clothing and sewing patterns, including for headcoverings and other plain clothes styles. The Washington state mom who authors this page favors clothing companies that are owned by various denominations of Christians.

Living Modest Clothing Directory

This directory website displays advertisements for women's clothing companies that tend to be on the trendy side of modest.

Arrow pointing to extra modesty resources

Some of the online modesty resources we find just do not seem to fit anywhere else on the Fashion Belle site, so we have collected those links on a page of Extras.

Screenshot of Tressa Lemky's website logo, Beautiful Inside and Out God's Way

Tressa Lemky is a Canadian fashion model and Christian speaker. "Modesty is the heart of my message and my ministry," she states on the introductory video of her website. "I firmly believe that in this very liberal fashion world in which we live, the original standards that God desires for women to uphold are still in style. Modeling modesty is for you, for others and ultimately for Him. In other words, modesty still matters."

Modest clothing pop-up sale website

Founded by a woman in Minnesota who dresses modestly because of her Islamic faith, this website features sales of designer clothing at discounted prices.

TruModel mentoring program for girls and young women

Professional model Mayra Gomez has founded an array of Bible-based programs to mentor girls and young women who are interested in careers in fashion, modeling and acting. She teaches that it is possible to select jobs that accommodate strong convictions, including maintaining a high standard of modesty. One of the larger events hosted by Gomez is Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Florida USA.

Modest is Hottest conferences by recording artist Jamie Jamgochian

Contemporary Christian recording artist Jamie Jamgochian holds one-day conferences for girls ages 12 to 19 and their mothers in the United States and select international locations. She says in her introductory video, "I started these events to hopefully help empower young people to know that it's okay to dress fun and cute and trendy, but we can still do it in a way that's modest and reflects the values that God has given each one of us."

Carla Anne Coroy's blog

The answer to this question should be obvious, but author Carla Anne Coroy addresses the issue so directly, with an excellent linked video by speaker Jason Evert about the objectification of women through immodest dress, that we have featured her post here.

Modesty resources for Seventh-Day Adventists

This website appears to be the most comprehensive hub of online resources available about feminine modesty from a Seventh-Day Adventist perspective.

Modest, book from a Christian perspective

Christian pastors R.W. Glenn and Tim Challies address modesty as an issue of the heart for both women and men in this 86-page booklet. Clothing rules are purposely avoided in favor of defining modesty as a spiritual virtue enabled by the grace of God that motivates outward choices of dress. Not all readers will agree with the authors' assertion that the acceptable level of modesty in clothing coverage varies according to culture, which they admit requires some exceptions in order to "object conscientiously to immodesty when we see it" (p. 49). This booklet would be useful to pastors preparing to speak to their congregations about modesty and for encouraging Christian women who dress and act on the liberal side of Western cultural standards toward more moderate choices.

Practical Helps for Modest Dressing by Mary Van Nattan Stephens

Mary Van Nattan Stephens writes, "We are trying to provide Bible-based helps and studies for home makers." Her conservative list of clothing guidelines presents unique suggestions for staying comfortable in various weather conditions, especially for staying warm in cold weather while wearing dresses. This is a quaint site, but it is one of Fashion Belle's favorites!