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Modest Clothing with Designer Style

Fashion Belle is a company founded by an apparel patternmaker who has worked for private clients and corporations and is now bringing well-fitting patterns to the home sewing audience. In addition to offering patterns, the goal of Fashion Belle is to promote modest clothing resources of all kinds. Site visitors may use the modest clothing shopping guide to find women's ready-to-wear clothing or select sewing patterns to create custom designs. Resource links are selected based on relevance to modern fashion trends and level of modesty (necklines near the collar bone, sleeves of any length and hemlines below the knee).

Exclusive Sewing Pattern Collection

An exclusive line of sewing patterns is in development with sizing based on Size USA data for an exceptional fit and Optitex pattern software for clean, precise layouts. Job obligations outside of this website have delayed the intended time frame for launch, but hopefully by summer of 2016, patterns will become available on this site.

The Meaning of Belle

Belle is the feminine form of the French word for "beautiful" and is often used to refer to a beautiful lady, especially the most beautiful one in the room. The "e" is silent in French, so belle is pronounced the same as a musical bell, though a true French pronunciation would make the "ll" soft and prolonged. Bella is a popular variation that comes from the Italian and Latin words for beautiful. Since this is a fashion company, I chose the French form, belle, because of the historic center for haute couture (high dressmaking) in Paris.

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