Extra Modest Clothing Resources

In the title for her book, author Jordan Christy contrasts the qualities that movie star Audrey Hepburn possessed with those of celebrity Paris Hilton. The book's subtitle is, "The Art of Living With Style, Class and Grace." The author does promote "classy" life choices, despite using occasional mild slang or raw humor to emphasize some of her points. On the site, portions of the book are available for browsing (Chapter 6 is "Dress to Impress"). In a video interview which provides a quick overview of her book, the author says, "Self-respect, modesty and class are truly some of the most attractive qualities a girl can possess."

This family-owned business produces several styles of simple tops, skirts, dresses, vests and nightgowns. The website does not display pictures of the finished products, and women's and girls' styles tend to be mixed together, but those who are looking for traditional or vintage styling may want to take the time to investigate this resource.

Wendy Shalit is a Jewish author of three books about modesty and regularly appears as a guest speaker and contributing author in mainstream media. As a caution, reviewers of Shalit's books or her Girls Gone Mild website or Modestly Yours blog will find in her writings some explicit examples of immodesty in current culture as she argues the case for modesty. Shalit's well-informed work has had an impact in circles that sexually exploit women. Readers outside of those circles should be warned that the descriptions are at times disturbing. For this reason, we are not providing an active link.

This company is also known as "LDS Sister Missionary Clothing Store" and provides a broad selection of modest resale clothing online at good prices. While we would like to be able to list this store in our primary listings due to the value of the product offerings, we are also aware that visitors to the Fashion Belle website come from a variety of religious backgrounds (our own is described at our modest clothing Bible study link), so we have posted our review of Sorella Bella here since the store's marketing is targeted to women who are serving as LDS missionaries.

Christian author and speaker Haley DiMarco seeks to connect with teenagers in popular culture who are disregarding faith in order to follow the world's trends. Her book Sexy Girls, which encourages modesty in appearance from a Biblical perspective, is filled with images and examples of immodesty in current culture. The message for modesty is strong, but because of the types of references included, the book is more appropriate reading material for someone on the farthest edge of a lifestyle of provocative appearance rather than for someone who is already acquainted with basic concepts of modesty.

This tiny online store offers a couple of long skirts and a jumper style.

These online resources promote modesty from a Catholic perspective.

Natalie, an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian, sells and gives away modest clothing and accessories from her Facebook shop and also maintains a fashion and lifestyle blog.

The fabric, design and sewing quality of the four culottes styles offered by this home-based provider is not equivalent to what is offered by companies reviewed in our main categories. In years past, the company has stopped taking orders for extended periods, though at the time of this review, the website appears to be in operation.