Privacy Policy

The Fashion Belle company respects the privacy of all personal information collected from consumers and is dedicated to managing that information responsibly. The Fashion Belle Privacy Policy is based upon the United States Federal Trade Commission's Fair Information Practice Principles.

1. Notice/Awareness
By posting a Privacy link on all pages of this site, users are encouraged to read about Fashion Belle's information practices before they provide any personal information. Fashion Belle uses your personal information to manage user accounts, complete transactions and review site activity. Users of the Fashion Belle site are required to establish an account in order to participate in some of the interactive features of the site or to purchase products directly from Fashion Belle. Most other features of the site are available to anonymous users.

2. Choice/Consent
Users of the Fashion Belle site will be given a choice to opt in or opt out of secondary uses of personal information beyond those necessary to complete a transaction. For instance, users may choose whether or not to receive promotional emails from Fashion Belle. Also, users may opt in or out of transferring contact information to other parties whose products may be of interest to them.

3. Access/Participation
Users who wish to access personal information on file with Fashion Belle, alter the information or question how the information is used may notify us through the online contact form provided through the contact link.

4. Integrity/Security
Personal information is stored in database servers which are secured by electronic firewall and backed up. Database access is also secured through filters in the Drupal Content Management System upon which the Fashion Belle site is based.

5. Enforcement/Redress
Fashion Belle staff endeavors to remain current with developments in Internet security systems for keeping its site and database secure. Users are encouraged to use the online contact form for any questions that may arise. Your information privacy concerns are a top priority at Fashion Belle and will be negotiated with respect.