Modest Fashion Blogs

Colleen Hammond Dressing With Dignity

Catholic author Colleen Hammond has archived her blog in favor of developing a new program that expands upon her book Dressing with Dignity. In the book, she uses examples from her own life experience as she transformed away from values she had during her early modeling, acting and television broadcasting days toward modest dressing. She also draws from numerous Biblical and church writings. Visit her home site to learn more about her new modest dressing program.

a la Modest

Rachel Red blogs about modesty and high standards in indie, vintage and couture fashion. She showcases photos of everyday wear for inspiration. She writes, “I’ve been a fashionista for as long as I can remember, but I did not start out modestly. . . . If anything, it has increased my creativity. High fashion and modesty go together quite beautifully."

The Space Between My Peers: A Conversation About What to Wear

Targeted to readers in the 35+ age range, this blog presents an intellectual view of appropriate clothing styles that fit in with current fashion trends. Author Rebecca Mielke provides plenty of content for thought.

Natasha Atkerson - A Modest Fashion Blog

Natasha Atkerson writes, "Cute modest fashion can be hard to come by! But I'm hoping that through this blog, ladies will realize that stylish, modest fashion blogs do exist and that they're not alone in their pursuit of modesty."

Modestly Fashioned

Ally is a wife and mother to two young boys while continuing her education at Women's Learning Institute in New York City. She is a "believer that modesty of dress and action allows internal beauty to enhance the external." This blog is written for a general audience with an occasional Jewish reference.

Practically Pretty by Design Blog

Christian mom Bettie Need writes about sewing classes she teaches, modest clothing she sews to sell, and patterns that she has created available for sale.

Shabby Apple Blog

This is the official blog for the Shabby Apple women's apparel company. Follow the creative design process for upcoming dress collections and enter design contests at this blog.

Boutique Narelle with the motto, Helping Women be Modest and Gorgeous

A New Zealand author, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur taglines her blog, "Where fig leaves won't do, the how to of living modestly, loving femininity, leading the heart toward true beauty."

Sequins and Stilettos Blog

Skylette, a southeastern Idaho wife and mother of two boys maintains a blog with photos of her favorite modest clothing ensembles. She writes, "I have always loved style and fashion. As a Mormon woman, I can't wear whatever is most popular like mini skirts or sleeveless tops. Often you will see me wearing cardigans or other layers to make looks work for me, and this is just a place for me to share what I've found."

MoMoMod More Modern Modesty blog button

Chandra is a married grade school teacher who adheres to Apostolic Pentecostal standards of modesty including skirts and dresses only, sleeves below the elbow and hemlines below the knee. She writes, "MoMoMod challenges the ideas that less clothing is more attractive and that style must be compromised in order to be modest. Stylish, fabulous, and modest—it’s possible."

Pretty Is This blog screenshot

Stefanie Carrasco writes about her blog, "I am a working girl and a college student who just happens to love pretty clothes and anything fashionable. . . . I believe in modesty; it is what I live and believe, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Fabologie blog for Jewish women's high fashion

Adi Heyman's blog is aptly named, with a fabulous display of fashion news and photos for a Jewish audience. She writes, "I, a self-proclaimed ‘fabologist,’ am fond of the fab, yet strive to maintain a balance . . . . Haute couture and the avant-garde are indeed obsessable, but also insignificant luxuries. These baubles may bring excitement, but genuine happiness comes from within."