Modesty Survey Overview

Modesty Survey from the Rebelution site by Alex and Brett Harris

The Rebelution, a teen ministry founded by brothers Alex and Brett Harris, conducted a Modesty Survey in 2007 of over 1,600 men. Their site states, "It's everything girls have ever wanted to ask guys about modesty but were afraid to ask!"

The men's written comments accompanying survey results offer some surprising insights. For instance, several claimed that a woman's sleeve or skirt with transparent fabric or a slit is more of a problem for them than a sleeveless top or short skirt without those elements. They said slits and transparent layers caused them to instinctively look to see how far those elements extend and whether they are repeated elsewhere on the body of the garment. Many also said that fabric that simulates skin color is problematic, as it invites them to examine where the line begins and ends.

When asked what men found attractive, the word "feminine" came up often, and many defined "immodest" as a look that a woman creates with intent to seduce. Of course, many women do not have that intention when they dress in ways that some men find provocative, they just don't realize the extent to which what they wear affects men. That's why this survey is an important resource. As The Rebelution site states, "We're not telling you what to wear--we're just telling you what we, as guys, have to guard against." Visit The Rebelution website to view the entire Modesty Survey.