Modest Fashion Blogs

Empowered Traditionalist

Christa Taylor Gutschenritter's blog blends high fashion with modesty and occasional references to her Christian faith. She formerly designed her own modest clothing collection and now operates a photography studio in Portland, Oregon.

a la Modest

Rachel Red blogs about modesty and high standards in indie, vintage and couture fashion. She showcases photos of everyday wear for inspiration. She writes, “I’ve been a fashionista for as long as I can remember, but I did not start out modestly. . . . If anything, it has increased my creativity. High fashion and modesty go together quite beautifully."

Amanda Beth Online

Amanda Beth Flynn from Massachusetts, USA writes, "This blog was created to share a love of classic, elegant fashion and style, and to encourage modesty and natural beauty. . . . It will be my endeavor to write interesting and informative articles where we can learn from the past, live in the present and look to the future on our journey to become the beautiful women God created us to be."

The Space Between My Peers: A Conversation About What to Wear

Targeted to readers in the 35+ age range, this blog presents an intellectual view of appropriate clothing styles that fit in with current fashion trends. Author Rebecca Mielke provides plenty of content for thought.

Natasha Atkerson - A Modest Fashion Blog

Natasha Atkerson writes, "Cute modest fashion can be hard to come by! But I'm hoping that through this blog, ladies will realize that stylish, modest fashion blogs do exist and that they're not alone in their pursuit of modesty."

Suddenly Darling Teen Fashion

This blog for teens reflects trendy fashion with just a touch of modesty, as reflected in blogger Katelyn Rose's introduction, "To put it in our own Darling words, modest dressing is being aware of what clothes you put on, and making sure they are generally considered appropriate for teen girls to wear. . . . We want to encourage young ladies to simply be aware of how they dress and to consider having boundaries that reflect self-respect and positive self-image."

Modestly Fashioned

Ally writes, "Here's a glimpse into my 'Modestly Fashioned' life. I'm a student at a Women's Learning Institute on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and live in Teaneck, New Jersey with my wonderful husband. . . . First time Mama. . . . Believer that modesty of dress and action allows internal beauty to enhance the external." This blog is written for a general audience with an occasional Jewish reference.

Just Like Molly

This blog features editorials on modest fashion written by a group of individuals who work in fashion merchandising and design in New York City.

The Story of a Seamstress

A young Texas woman who designs and sews period costumes maintains this blog with inspirational photos, historical information and applications of vintage fashion to modern use.

Shabby Apple Blog

This is the official blog for the Shabby Apple women's apparel company. Follow the creative design process for upcoming dress collections and enter design contests at this blog.

Diviine ModesTee Blog

This is the official blog of the Diviine ModesTee clothing company.

Boutique Narelle with the motto, Helping Women be Modest and Gorgeous

A New Zealand author, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur taglines her blog, "Where fig leaves won't do, the how to of living modestly, loving femininity, leading the heart toward true beauty."