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Welcome, sewing pattern enthusiasts! 2014 Has been one of the busiest years ever at the home office of Fashion Belle, but not entirely with pattern-related tasks. Hopes are high for completion of publishable patterns in 2015. Please keep checking back for news, and also use the tabs above to explore reviews of hundreds of other companies that provide modest clothing and sewing patterns.

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Makeup is somewhat of a controversial topic among people who choose to dress modestly. Some prefer to avoid makeup entirely, while others use heavy makeup in an effort to compensate for the lack of glamour usually associated with modest clothing. My own view is that makeup can be beneficial for disguising skin flaws and brightening the face but that makeup should be natural in its total effect.

Believe That All Things Are Possible

Vogue Donna Karan Collection pattern by Iby Abraham

Who would believe that Iby's pattern would end up in Vogue
- Iby Abraham

This Vogue sewing pattern, autographed by the original patternmaker, has a fascinating story behind it that should inspire all fashion entrepreneurs that anything is possible. In May 2007, I was a recent fashion design college graduate, and starting the Fashion Belle pattern business was still a distant dream when the following ad appeared in Women's Wear Daily:

Comparing Rural Areas to Big Cities for Fashion Business Locations

New York City view from Empire State Building, and a country scene with horse riders, views from fashion business regions

These photos have one thing in common. I took them both on working days as an apparel patternmaker. The upper photo is from the Empire State Building looking toward south Manhattan in New York City, in view of a couture design room where I worked. The lower photo was taken from a front window of my home in the rural Western United States, just steps away from my home office where I am starting a business publishing patterns after having gained experience with other companies in various sizes of communities.


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