Natural Makeup

Young woman putting on blush with natural makeup

When dressing modestly, other factors of appearance tend to stand out more than they do for the women who do not dress as modestly. For example, when a celebrity wears whatever she's wearing, how often do journalists comment on the hairstyle or the makeup? Sometimes they do, but the more revealing the clothing, the more the focus is on the body. Dressing modestly means people naturally focus more on the face than the clothes, which is a good thing! Women are empowered to be who they are and to express their personalities when they are recognized as people rather than as objects of men's stares.

Many groups have tried so desperately to stay away from immodest fashion trends that they have rejected much to do with improving appearance. Every woman is certainly entitled to her own opinion. My position is that makeup in moderation is actually an enhancement and not something to be rejected without evaluating each item of makeup individually, the same principle that applied to all the clothing reviews on this website.

Everyone has her own makeup aesthetic, especially when branching into color beyond just foundation. If you're a student of professional makeup artist books, you'll find that the best makeup is considered often to be that which looks most natural. If you are not into makeup, or even if you are, consider using less eye makeup and focusing rather on blush and lip color. Done right, this can dramatically improve the appearance yet look natural enough to not be obvious. Heavily-lined eyes and dark eyeshadow with pale lips is a popular celebrity look, but the heavy eye makeup never looks natural, and mascara is uncomfortable to apply, wear and remove, though mascara alone is actually one of the most natural-looking eye enhancers that could be worn. However, if applying and wearing mascara is a trauma to your eyes, I would say pamper the eyes and forget the mascara. You'll see plenty of professional makeup applications with no more than a neutral eye shadow with a moderate lip color and light blush, and this look is easy to apply and wear.

I love MAC, introduced to me by cosmetics expert Paula Begoun. MAC has superior products in many weights for evening out skin tone, several great blushes (try the powder Blushbaby color), and Lipglass, one of the best lip glosses on the market. The MAC Paint Pot cream eyshadows are also great, in neutral colors with a hint of glitter. MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics and was originally started as an industry brand for makeup artists. It is sold through stand-alone stores or in department stores, yet the prices run below other department store brands. MAC is a creative brand, consistently introducing leading formulations and on-trend colors.

For makeup remover I favor Paula's Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover, though for cost reasons, I've transitioned to the Neutrogena brand of eye makeup remover which is not quite as gentle but seems to be as effective. The liquid formulation is designated as an eye makeup remover, but it works well for all types of makeup. Whatever remover you use, if you put on makeup, make sure it all comes off at night to keep skin healthy.

In addition to manufacturing her own line of products, Begoun regularly tests and publishes reviews of major cosmetics brands to find the best products in all price ranges for her readers. She attests that products are available in the lower price ranges that match or excel the attributes of expensive products. From her site, "Expensive doesn't mean better! There are good and bad products in all price categories, and there are brilliant inexpensive products you should absolutely consider before going for the expensive stuff." Begoun's reviews are based on whether the product performs as advertised, how it is different from other products, and whether the ingredients in the product are safe and effective. So, we would encourage you to check out her own line of products as well as the thousands of excellent reviews she offers for free at Beautypedia for other brands.