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Makeup is somewhat of a controversial topic among people who choose to dress modestly. Some prefer to avoid makeup entirely, while others use heavy makeup in an effort to compensate for the lack of glamour usually associated with modest clothing. My own view is that makeup can be beneficial for disguising skin flaws and brightening the face but that makeup should be natural in its total effect. Wherever your opinion of makeup fits along the spectrum, you've probably at least heard of MAC cosmetics if not used them yourself. MAC stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics (though is pronounced as a name, "Mac," rather than as initials) and was founded in the 1980s as a supplier to professional makeup artists. The brand quickly gained popularity beyond professionals to become one of the most loved makeup brands of all time. MAC pricing is in the middle range between drugstore and department store brands, while the quality rivals the best in the industry.

Pictured here is one of the many specialty products that makes MAC a unique brand. Paint Pot eyeshadows are creamy in format, and the Bare Study color featured in the jar is a light, shimmery hue that looks natural on lighter skin tones. A range of other neutral colors is offered to blend with almost any skin tone. Another similar product is Paints, cream eyeshadow that comes in a tube and is of a thicker consistency than the Paint Pot eyeshadows. I have used both and prefer the Paint Pot texture because it is easier to apply and feels lighter on the skin. The drier formulation of the Paints might be preferred by women who have naturally oily skin.

If you happen to live close enough to a MAC counter to sample the products in person, try out not only these high-quality eyeshadow products but the foundation and concealers as well. MAC cosmetic products frequently make the news as the favorite items of famous women around the world, a reputation MAC has earned based on quality.

Natural Makeup Products

Greta responded to this article with these comments, "MAC cosmetics look good from your article, however, I'm always concerned with makeup since I have so many chemical allergies. I will Google them to find out what chemicals they use, as I'm allergic to most fragrance chemicals and any forms of alcohol, borage oil, and formaldehyde, all very commonly used in cosmetics. I've resorted to using mineral based cosmetics and primarily use products to keep my skin healthy and hydrated so I can get away with using much less makeup. Thanks for a great article!"

Fashion Belle responded, "Thanks for the insight about mineral-based cosmetics being good for sensitive skin. You are correct that keeping skin healthy and hydrated, and rested I might add, compensates for trying to cover up skin that has been neglected. My skin is also sensitive, but because I wear makeup infrequently, MAC makeup is not a problem for me. Almay cosmetics are fragrance-free and might be another option you could consider. I do struggle with moisturizers, and after trying many products in all price ranges have found Aveeno Skin Relief 24 Hour Moisturizing Lotion to work fairly well for my face, even though it is a body lotion. My skin reacts to moisturizers with sunscreen, though I wear sunscreen products anyway when outside because of the greater concern of sun damage. Not all Aveeno products work for me, including the ones designed for the face, so sometimes you just need to experiment to find what works best for you. Thanks again for your comment, Greta."