Modest Clothing in Women's Plus Sizes

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Wide-leg denim culotte from Modest Apparel USA

Modest Apparel USA supplies a large selection of culottes. Most items are made to order and require 2 to 4 weeks to process, however some styles are kept in stock and available immediately.

The Vermont Country Store Walking Shorts

This company usually stocks at least one style of walking shorts per season that come to the knee on most women.

Three styles of culottes are offered, pleats all around (pictured here), center front and back box pleats, and straight. Extra length is an option. All products are cut and sewn to order and ship within 14 days.

Dressing For His Glory Skorts

Both flared and straight skort styles are offered, combining the look of a skirt on the outside with the coverage of shorts underneath. Extra length is an option. All products are cut and sewn to order and ship within 14 days.

Classic Clothing Store Split Skirts

These long, full culottes in several styles for women can be made to order or purchased from a selection of styles already in stock. Split skirts in girls' sizes are also available.

National Denim Split Skirt

This denim split skirt features side pockets and an elastic waistband at an economy price.

Dr. Leonard's Split Skirts

Type "split skirt" or "culotte" into the company's search box to find styles like the one pictured here. This company typically stocks several options with a rotating selection.

Windstorm Ranch Split Riding Skirts

This western cowboy supplier based in Colorado offers several styles of women's split riding skirts in a variety of fabrics and colors. Prices range over $100 per item partly due to the quantity of fabric required to produce the full designs and the fact that they are manufactured in the USA. Some sizes are in stock, but many of the items are custom made at the company's sewing shop.

Knee Shorts

For some activities, wearing shorts that cover to the knee may actually provide more modesty from all angles than some culottes. The founders of the Knee Shorts company value modesty and endeavor to design products that provide more coverage than the average shorts available on the market.

Mira Clothes Exerskirt

This mid-calf length skort provides form-fitting inner shorts and an a-line outer skirt. The fabric is soft and water-resistant.

Lilies of the Field Culottes

Select your own fabric for these made-to-order culottes with center front and back inverted pleats and pleated panels at the lower sides. This is a pull-on style with side elastic waistband insets.

Haband Knit Culotte

Haband, a division of Blair, typically stocks several styles of culottes, gauchos and split skirts. Use the company's search box to find currently available styles.