Guide to Non-Smoking Housing in New York City

Apartment building in Long Island, New York

Pictured is one of the author's apartment locations on western Long Island in 2008. It was not a dedicated non-smoking building, and smoke pollution was a problem.

While Los Angeles is home to a larger number of apparel workers in the United States than New York City, more of the Los Angeles jobs are sewing-related than those in New York City. Aspiring fashion workers who want to be involved in the design and pre-production phases will find more jobs available in New York than Los Angeles, though of course scattered opportunities are available across the nation. One of the difficulties for fashion workers in New York who are non-smokers is finding non-smoking housing. Housing is in such demand in New York that property owners rarely find it desirable to enforce a non-smoking policy, but this can make or break the experience of life for a non-smoker.

Here are some resource websites that may assist New York-bound fashion workers who desire non-smoking housing options:

Smoke-Free Housing Search in New York City
1510 Lexinton, New York City's first non-smoking residential building
Related Rentals offers several smoke-free apartments
Octagon NYC, an award-winning green design residential building that meets strict air quality standards