Dr. Leonard's Dickies

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This company stocks several dickey styles. The apparel section of this site offers a variety of other modest options that may be of interest to shoppers looking for basic styles.

Primo Moda Arm Sleeves

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Turn a short-sleeved top into a long-sleeved one without wearing a full underlayer using these stretch knit sleeve extensions made of rayon (originating from cotton fiber) and Lycra spandex. Four colors are available.

Miss Oops! Products

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Miss Oops! offers several products to add modesty to outfits, such as double-sided clear apparel tape that may be used in between buttons to prevent gaping and around necklines to keep straps from showing. Also look for stylish fabric tubes for the neckline and waistline to add coverage underneath short or low-cut tops.

Extra Button for Shirts

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Use these decorative pins to add closure to tops that need an extra button near the neckline or to prevent gaping at the bustline on front button closures. Any high-quality brand of double-stick tape can be used for a similar purpose with front-button shirts, though the pin may hold more securely on some fabrics.

Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap

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For controlling long hair while lap swimming, silicone swim caps are silky smooth and will not catch or pull hair like latex caps, and they also last longer without tearing than latex. Speedo offers a silicone cap designed especially for long hair that is thick, with extra space in the back for the hair to be tucked in. Hair that is long and thin will fit easily into a regular size, while some women may even need a junior size cap for a small head.


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