Traditional Styles of Modest Sewing Patterns

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Fashion Patterns by Coni from XS to 6X

This company offers patterns in an extended size range from Extra Small up to 6X.

Saf-T-Pockets Patterns women's apparel patterns with pockets

Pockets abound on these patterns for women's daywear. This company designs pocketed styles with the goal of eliminating the need for a purse.

The Paisley Pincushion

Jumpers are the specialty of this home-based pattern company located in Oregon, USA.

Candle on the Hill Modest Sewing Patterns including maternity and nursing

This company sells regular women's as well as maternity and nursing patterns. Most of the styles touch back to trends of a few decades ago and include patterns for headcoverings. A short list of seamstresses for hire is available for locations in the eastern United States.

Practically Pretty by Design sewing services

Patterns and custom sewing services are offered for girls' dresses and women's regular, maternity and nursing dresses from several original designs plus the pattern labels Sense and Sensibility, Baker Lane, Serendipity Studio and children's pattern brand Olabelhe.

Sew Modest Patterns used and vintage

As of January 2015, this site was offline. This company sells out-of-print sewing patterns from the 1980s and forward.

The Sewing Place patterns from several independent companies

Purchase many independent brands of sewing patterns at this website. Some of the pattern companies that partner with The Sewing Place are already featured in our reviews, while a few of the smaller ones are not. This is a site to check if you are looking for patterns for specialty items or for loose-fitting styles that incorporate patchwork and applique.

Monster Patterns offers discounts on several pattern brands

This company offers discounts on patterns from Akasha, CNT Pattern Company, The Cutting Line Designs and The Green Pepper.

Cutting Line Designs sewing patterns for women

These patterns feature several simple variations on basic styles, all with a loose fit.

Akasha pattern titled Mixed Media, a coat with patchwork

Quilting influences abound in these sewing patterns that offer ideas for incorporating patchwork into loose-fitting women's apparel styles.

Ellie Inspired classic heirloom children's patterns in toddler and girl sizes up to 12

These pattern collections beginning in toddlers' sizes and ranging up to a girls' size 12 offer heirloom, trendy, smocked, and knit clothing styles in feminine cuts with long skirt options.

Tru-Fit Patterns and Lutterloh System

Tru-Fit is the North American branch of what is known in Europe as Lutterloh System, a pattern drafting supplier founded in Germany in the 1930s. Beware that Tru-Fit has a recent record of failure to ship Internet purchases according to complaints in online forums. The author of this review attended a Tru-Fit presentation in the mid-2000s and inherited a set of products from family but feels that this system pushes overpriced sets of drafting supplies and design templates that require extensive work to turn into well-fitting patterns. Fans of the method exist, but most aspiring patternmakers find that their money and time is more successfully spent drafting patterns from scratch with the aid of a textbook or purchasing prepared patterns and altering them as desired.

Digital software for sewing patterns for modest kosher women's and girls' clothing

Kosher Patterns is a division of Jewish clothing supplier Modest Anytime. Choose between completed digital patterns or the My Sloper software with a free trial version for creating new patterns. Some of the women's patterns extend into 3XL, and custom-sewn versions of patterns are offered from Modest Anytime. Online shopping is unavailable on Saturdays, as is common among Jewish companies that observe the Sabbath.

Sure-Fit Designs

Full size, graded master patterns are provided with instructions for altering fit to personal dimensions and for creating new designs. Because of the advanced work required, these patterns may interest someone who is prepared to spend a moderate amount of time making adjustments to achieve the desired fit and styling.