Modest Sewing Patterns

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Snazzie Drawers bib necklace screenshot

This "bib necklace" pattern could be made to attach directly to clothing so that it would not fall away if needed to help cover a low neckline.

Screenshot of maxi skirt by Leanne Barlow on her Elle Apparel blog

Leanne Barlow has posted several tutorials on her blog for creating patterns and sewing custom apparel. Our favorite tutorial is this maxi skirt from knit fabric, designed for both regular and maternity wear. See also the following links for maxi skirt variations: dress it down, dress it up and color pop.

Screenshot of Mennonite Maidens white cotton chemise

Both sewing patterns and ready-to-wear styles are offered by this company. The white cotton chemise pictured may be worn as a modest nightgown and purchased as a sewing pattern or ready-made.

Ellie Inspired classic heirloom children's patterns in toddler and girl sizes up to 12

These pattern collections beginning in toddlers' sizes and ranging up to a girls' size 12 offer heirloom, trendy, smocked, and knit clothing styles in feminine cuts with long skirt options.

Clothkits patterns printed directly on fabric

Based in the UK, this company prints the cutting lines of sewing patterns directly on fabric, eliminating paper patterns. The fabric designs are often customized to the shapes of the patterns to create special effects. Styles are loose-fitting and simple to sew.

Sewaholic independent pattern brand

This independent pattern brand produces around a dozen women's styles, a few of which offer modesty or a basis for modest alterations or layering.

Mom's Patterns vintage sewing patterns, real retro fashion

This is a well-established source for genuine, vintage sewing patterns from the 1940s through the present, curated by a woman who ships orders from her home in Florida. The name Mom's Patterns is a reference to patterns your "mom" would have worn.

Sew Liberated modern sewing pattern styles for women

Only a few of the women's styles offered would be considered modest, but alterations would be easy for the remainder of the styles, and all of them are refreshingly modern to fit with the company's tagline, "Delightful patterns to kindle creativity."

Colette vintage style sewing patterns with a modern touch

Though it will take work to alter most of these patterns for modesty, Colette excels in offering in-depth sewing instructions with each pattern. The styles tend to be a modern take on 1950s vintage fashion.

Edelweiss Patterns inspired by the Sound of Music 1965 movie

Lovers of the 1965 movie Sound of Music will enjoy these sewing patterns for copying the main female characters' wardrobes. Also find a tutorial on using stretch lace to raise the necklines of tops under modesty solutions.

Tru-Fit Patterns and Lutterloh System

Tru-Fit is the North American branch of what is known in Europe as Lutterloh System, a pattern drafting supplier founded in Germany in the 1930s. Beware that Tru-Fit has a record of failure to ship Internet purchases. Lutterloh and Tru-Fit may provide reliable shipping, but we feel that all three brands push overpriced sets of drafting supplies and design templates that require extensive work to turn into well-fitting patterns. Fans of the method exist, but most aspiring patternmakers find that their money and time is more successfully spent drafting patterns from scratch with the aid of a textbook or purchasing prepared patterns and altering them as desired.

Digital download sewing patterns for modest kosher women's and girls' clothing

These digital downloads of basic blouse and skirt sewing patterns meet the Jewish Charedi kosher modesty standards in The Tznius Handbook. Some of the women's patterns extend into 3XL, a rare find among Jewish clothing suppliers. Custom-sewn versions of the women's and girls' styles are offered using measurements provided by each customer. Online shopping is unavailable on Saturdays, as is common among Jewish companies that observe the Sabbath.

Laughing Moon Mercantile period sewing patterns

This family-owned vintage pattern company produces several styles that might be of interest for modest wedding dress designs.

Sure-Fit Designs

Full size, graded master patterns are provided with instructions for altering fit to personal dimensions and for creating new designs. Because of the advanced work required, these patterns may interest someone who is prepared to spend a moderate amount of time making adjustments to achieve the desired fit and styling.