Modest Fashion Blogs

Silk and Purple fashion blog by a teen Christian blogger

Named after the Biblical reference to the virtuous woman's silk and purple clothing in Proverbs 31:22, this Christian fashion and etiquette blog is written by a group of women that include several teens, a mother of three young children and a grandmother. Also see our forum topic expanding on two fabulous posts from this blog.

My Garments of Praise blog by Typhanie Stewart

Typhanie Stewart is a marketing communications professional and freelance writer who, as she writes, ". . . Happens to adore the world of fashion and blogging. I love God, and I intend to post as often as I can in an effort to share how my relationship with Him influences my personal style." Her style choices align with Pentecostal standards.

Muslim modest fashion blog

While most of the styles on this blog cater to the long-top-over-pants look worn by Western Muslims, the ensembles are trendy and point to fashion resources available in the United States.

Kylie Bisutti, former fashion model speaking at Christian events

Kylie Bisutti's Christian faith converged with her career as a fashion model in 2011 when she decided to choose more modest jobs that would honor her husband. As a result, she is now in demand as a speaker at church events in the United States. Her website provides updates on her clothing line and speaking schedule. Learn more about Bisutti's step away from immodest modeling at our review.

Apostolic Models

This website is rich with photos of Apostolic men and women dressed modestly for all occasions. The description reads, "This site is dedicated to all Classical Apostolics, including those of the Pentecostal and Holiness Faith. . . . We shall not conform to the standards of beauty and fashion defined by the world."

Set Apart Girl ministry by Leslie Ludy

Author Leslie Ludy shares her Christian perspective on true beauty through her blog, books and conferences in Colorado which she hosts with her husband Eric. Leslie's book The Lost Art of True Beauty focuses on inward spiritual and character development rather than obsession with outward appearance, although several chapters specifically address style of clothing, especially Chapter Six, "Dressing With Selfless Style."

Christian Modesty Blogger

Taylor Willett offers her Bible-based views on modesty and posts pictures of ideas for outfit variations within the plain clothes movement, which includes ankle-length skirts.

Simple Modesty

Nicole Potgieter lives in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, Africa, and blogs about her modest outfits, many of which she sews herself. She is also a horse enthusiast.

Eliza Magazine Blog

With a dozen contributing blog authors, this is the regularly updated, official blog of Eliza Magazine, "Created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle." Navigate tabs at the top of the site to learn more about Eliza Magazine's quarterly publication offered through print or online subscriptions and a free online archive of past articles.

Bramblewood Fashion Blog

Ashley Nicole and Gabrielle Renee post many original photos of their fashion ideas and some tutorials about altering clothing. Ashley writes, "I'm a young lady, 20, and a homeschool graduate who loves everything old fashioned! I strive to dress modestly, but in a feminine vintage/modern way. In all that I do I hope to glorify God!" Find several ready-to-wear items for sale at this blog's Etsy store.

Faith in Fashion on Twitter

Former blogger Dena Lorenzi is now posting her musings on modest fashion on Twitter where she, ". . . Explores modesty in apparel and attitude and shares articles, links and resources with her fellow modestistas."

A Skirt a Day

"A blog about fashion, refashion and a modest style," this site offers fashion inspiration from thrift-store finds. The author says, "I love to go thrift-store hunting and then refashion my finds into fabulous things." This blog is written for general audiences with an occasional Christian reference.