Modest Fashion Blogs

Sequins and Stilettos Blog

Skylette, a southeastern Idaho wife and mother of two boys maintains a blog with photos of her favorite modest clothing ensembles. She writes, "I have always loved style and fashion. As a Mormon woman, I can't wear whatever is most popular like mini skirts or sleeveless tops. Often you will see me wearing cardigans or other layers to make looks work for me, and this is just a place for me to share what I've found."

Pretty Modest Blog title screenshot

Young girl bloggers Lizzi and Sammi post photos of their own outfits. They write, "We are awesome country girls who love style and know how to keep it modest."

Plane Pretty blog button

Jenny, a flight attendant, wife and mother of two children writes about her blog, "One of my goals for this blog is to show people that you can still be fashionable while dressing modest." Clothing featured on the site targets LDS standards of modesty.

MoMoMod More Modern Modesty blog button

Chandra is a grade school teacher, recently engaged to be married, who adheres to Apostolic Pentecostal standards of modesty including skirts and dresses only, sleeves below the elbow and hemlines below the knee. She writes, "MoMoMod challenges the ideas that less clothing is more attractive and that style must be compromised in order to be modest. Stylish, fabulous, and modest—it’s possible."

Screenshot of the Jewish Wedding Info logo

This official blog of the Chosson Kallah Jewish wedding planning resources group features stories of real Jewish brides.

Pretty Is This blog screenshot

Stefanie Carrasco writes about her blog, "I am a working girl and a college student who just happens to love pretty clothes and anything fashionable. . . . I believe in modesty; it is what I live and believe, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Screenshot of Add Some Sugar modest fashion blog

This Australian, LDS blogger who goes by the nickname BJ has a degree in Fashion Design and Technology and is just starting her career, hoping to one day create her own line of modest bridal couture.

Fabologie blog for Jewish women's high fashion

Adi Heyman's blog is aptly named, with a fabulous display of fashion news and photos for a Jewish audience. She writes, "I, a self-proclaimed ‘fabologist,’ am fond of the fab, yet strive to maintain a balance . . . . Haute couture and the avant-garde are indeed obsessable, but also insignificant luxuries. These baubles may bring excitement, but genuine happiness comes from within."

Model Me Girl blog screenshot

This blog is written by a Christian who offers brilliant tips for altering and layering clothing for added modesty.

My Garments of Praise blog by Typhanie Stewart

Typhanie Stewart is a marketing communications professional and freelance writer who, as she writes, ". . . Happens to adore the world of fashion and blogging. I love God, and I intend to post as often as I can in an effort to share how my relationship with Him influences my personal style." Her style choices align with Pentecostal standards.

Muslim modest fashion blog

While most of the styles on this blog cater to the long-top-over-pants look worn by Western Muslims, the ensembles are trendy and point to fashion resources available in the United States.

Kylie Bisutti, former fashion model speaking at Christian events

Kylie Bisutti's Christian faith converged with her career as a fashion model in 2011 when she decided to choose more modest jobs that would honor her husband. As a result, she is now in demand as a speaker at church events in the United States. Her website provides updates on her clothing line and speaking schedule. Learn more about Bisutti's step away from immodest modeling at our review.