Modest sewing pattern and clothing resources for women - Welcome, sewing pattern enthusiasts! The founder of Fashion Belle has moved and is still working to juggle family obligations with trying to bring a new line of modest women's sewing patterns to the point of publication. With the November 19, 2015, release of Drupal 8, an upgrade to the software on which this site is based, an overhaul to the site will be underway through the first quarter of 2016. In the meantime, use the tabs above to explore reviews of hundreds of other companies that provide modest clothing and sewing patterns.

Sewing Pattern Printing for the Home Sewing Market

Pattern printing kit from McCall Pattern Company

For a small, independent sewing pattern company, several options exist for publishing sewing patterns for the home sewing market.

MAC Cosmetics for High Quality, Specialty Products


Makeup is somewhat of a controversial topic among people who choose to dress modestly. Some prefer to avoid makeup entirely, while others use heavy makeup in an effort to compensate for the lack of glamour usually associated with modest clothing. My own view is that makeup can be beneficial for disguising skin flaws and brightening the face but that makeup should be natural in its total effect.

Believe That All Things Are Possible

Vogue Donna Karan Collection pattern by Iby Abraham

Who would believe that Iby's pattern would end up in Vogue
- Iby Abraham

This Vogue sewing pattern, autographed by the original patternmaker, has a fascinating story behind it that should inspire all fashion entrepreneurs that anything is possible. In May 2007, I was a recent fashion design college graduate, and starting the Fashion Belle pattern business was still a distant dream when the following ad appeared in Women's Wear Daily:


New Clothing Reviews

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Tulle and Lace

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