Modest sewing pattern and clothing resources for women - Welcome, sewing pattern enthusiasts! The founder of Fashion Belle has moved and is still working to juggle family obligations with trying to bring a new line of modest women's sewing patterns to the point of publication. With the November 19, 2015, release of Drupal 8, an upgrade to the software on which this site is based, an overhaul to the site will be underway through the first quarter of 2016. In the meantime, use the tabs above to explore reviews of hundreds of other companies that provide modest clothing and sewing patterns.

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Making a Shoe Last to Use for Custom Shoe Designs

Steps and supplies for making a custom shoe last

The footwear industry always has room for entrepreneurs who will design shoes that are both cute and nonrestrictive to the natural shape of the foot, a rare combination. The first tool needed to experiment with custom shoe design is a shoe last. Traditionally, shoe lasts are carved from wood, but the steps outlined here allow you to quickly mold an amateur last with household supplies. The shape of the last determines the shape of the shoe, so molding one to your own foot lays the foundation for a shoe that fits perfectly.

Mannequin Wigs, Eyelashes and Makeup

Poly Star Lady mannequin with molded eyes and lips

Live models are best for fashion photography if you can afford them and if you are willing to risk the models' pictures being used around the web in ways you cannot control, including alterations of the images. For those of us who value modesty, using ourselves, friends or family members as models is a risk. For that reason, I have selected a mannequin for the fashion photography of Fashion Belle modest sewing patterns, pictured here.


New Clothing Reviews

Lauren James Bridal Formal

Advertising as Utah's largest bridal and formal store with two locations in Orem and St. George, this company set up an online ordering...

The Perfect White Dress

This manufacturer of long-sleeved, ankle-length white dresses offers a few classic styles that may be used for casual weddings or any...

Tulle and Lace

Tulle and Lace is a modest formal gown rental shop in New York City that showcases its inventory on its Facebook page. Even if you live...