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Reality Check: Thin is Not Always In

Knife pleat skirt from Lands' End

(Photo credit: The pleated skirt, a style that flatters only the flattest of waistlines, from Lands' End) The fashion distress of my high school years was the knife-pleat skirt such as the Lands' End style pictured. Despite being thin as a teenager, my stomach was never flat or even indented, as seemed to be the case with the glamorous girls among my student peers who chose partially stitched-down pleat styles to fulfill the skirt requirement of our educational dress code.

Natural Makeup and Skin Care

Young woman putting on blush with natural makeup

When dressing modestly, other factors of appearance tend to stand out more than they do for the women who do not dress as modestly. For example, when a celebrity wears whatever she's wearing, how often do journalists comment on the hairstyle or the makeup? Sometimes they do, but the more revealing the clothing, the more the focus is on the body. Dressing modestly means people naturally focus more on the face than the clothes, which is a good thing!

Long Hair Care and Styling Techniques

Hairbrushes and combs used for long hair

Hair length fashion trends change, but long hair has always been considered a beautiful fashion accessory for females. This is reflected in a verse written thousands of years ago in the Bible, "If a woman has long hair, it is her glory . . ." (I Corinthians 11:14). In our culture, we see the beauty of long hair for girls favored in the design of toy dolls and animated film heroines. Celebrity women often use hair extensions to create the illusion of longer hair. Women who appreciate modesty in appearance often adopt long hairstyles, inspired by Biblical references to femininity that pair modesty with long hair.


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