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This website was started in summer of 2010 as a foundation for publishing the author's own line of sewing patterns for women. However, the site itself took so much time to develop and maintain that the goal of pattern publishing kept getting pushed farther into the future. Then life and job changes including an interstate move have dramatically reduced the number of hours available for the author to devote to the editorial sections of this site.


New Clothing Reviews

Lauren James Bridal Formal

Advertising as Utah's largest bridal and formal store with two locations in Orem and St. George, this company set up an online ordering...

Tulle and Lace

Tulle and Lace is a modest formal gown rental shop in New York City that showcases its inventory on its Facebook page. Even if you live...


This manufacturer of exclusive designs utilizes mostly knit fabrics. Styles are fashion-forward. Shipping is limited to the United...