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Fashion Belle guestbook

Your comments are welcome here. The founder of Fashion Belle would like to take the first Guestbook signature to thank the people who have made this website and pattern publishing business possible. My grandfather, a cattle rancher who lived to the age of ninety-seven, taught me the value of hard work, frugality and contentment. My parents chose to allow me part of the inheritance that he left to purchase equipment for publishing sewing patterns. Thanks also goes to my parents who reared me with an appreciation for the value of modesty and provided the resources for me to learn to sew beginning as a child.

Many suppliers have contributed to the quality of this website and to pattern development. Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal, has made the software free through open source licensing, a huge gift to small companies like mine, and local Drupal group members have freely given their advice to help with this website. I am thankful to the staff at OptiTex for their development of the best digital pattern software in the industry at a reasonable price. The TC2 Size USA survey team and Ilona Foyer of FastFit360, previously of the Shapely Shadow dress form company, provided fit data and accurate dress forms. Komar Alliance supplies the perfect pattern paper on rolls for printing. Polyform in Germany worked with me to import a unique, flexible mannequin for photography. Numerous other industry professionals have offered technical expertise and products. Thank you, to everyone!

While I am constantly aware that a modest clothing website like this one draws visitors from many religious backgrounds, including Jewish and Muslim, I would like to mention that my own Christian faith provides the core motivation for what I do, and no word of thanks would be complete without honoring God who has inspired me for this work and blessed me in carrying it out. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you for sharing!