Dior Mimioui Tiny Diamond Ring

Dior Mimioui Ring with Diamond and White Gold

(Screenshot from Dior, diamond in white gold.) After working nearly nonstop for eighteen months as an apparel patternmaker in New York City, I finally found time in November 2008 to take two weeks off to explore Manhattan's museums, historic landmarks and the many flagship stores of renowned fashion brands in the city that has been called "the fashion capitol of the world." The largest concentration of high fashion retail in New York is located around 5th and Madison Avenues to the south and southeast of Central Park.

Dior has always been one of my favorite design houses because of the exquisite detailing and elegant shapes carried on by tradition from the days of Christian Dior himself. During my days exploring the shops of New York, I found an unexpected delight outside of the clothing racks at the Dior boutique at 21 East 57th Street. Jewelry is not something I enjoy wearing, especially on my hands, since my hands are usually busy making things or playing the piano. I've long admired groups like the Amish that do not wear jewelry, since in those cultures, absence of jewelry is not observed to be a fault. In the Dior boutique, I found at long last one ring that I would not mind wearing. It is the Mimioui, called "the world's smallest diamond ring" by the Dior salesperson who showed me the collection. You would have to see this ring in person to fully appreciate the daintiness of the flexible chain, which is constructed just like a necklace. I was allowed to try on one of the rings, and it felt almost like nothing on the hand. Because it is flexible and crushes down into a little pile when not worn, it must be rolled onto the finger. It is the most comfortable style of ring I could ever imagine, and being Dior, of course it is made of the highest quality materials. The Mimioui collection is designed by Victoire de Castellane and includes chain rings in white and yellow gold with choices of diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby stones. Chains are offered in large or small link sizes.

Though I would still rather keep my hands ring-free for safety and comfort in the fashion design studios where I work, in most cultures, a married woman is expected to wear a wedding ring to signify her marital status to the public. A wedding ring for that reason serves more as an expected symbol than as adornment. So, at times when a ring is required, the Mimioui is my ideal choice, by itself with nothing added. The price is around $475.00 depending on the metal and stone. Beauty is defined differently by each person, but when modesty is part of what is beautiful to you in a woman's appearance, then why not consider an understated, delicate ring like the Dior Mimioui?