Children's Artwork for Textile Design

Children's artwork inspiration, two dresses
Children's original artwork for textile design

Those of us who love children are frequently the recipients of artwork made especially for us. My nieces, ages five and three, love to draw with markers. Children see the world without the warp that culture and training places upon us as we mature, making children's artwork uniquely creative. The first evening gown pictured features a textile design with a tiled repeat of the five-year-old's artwork.

The second gown is a tiled design from the three-year-old. The original drawings are shown last. When observing fashion, some styles succeed because of garment shape. Other styles, like t-shirts, rely on standard silhouettes that use textile prints as the primary attraction. Inspiration for textile prints can come from any source, children included. Congratulations to my two nieces for this first online display of their artwork!