Fashion Social Life in New York City

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Models for Christ

Models for Christ (also formerly known as the Paradox group, "God in fashion" being the paradox) is a fun group of models, apparel designers and other workers in the fashion industry who meet regularly in small groups around New York City and for special events during the year. Most of the participants are Christians and are also individually involved in local churches, however, visitors with different religious backgrounds or none at all are welcome to attend and often do. Learn more about Shane and Christina Nearman, working models and co-directors of the New York branch of Models for Christ, in an interview with Fox News.

Fashion Night of Prayer, Fashion Week Outreach and Project Restoration (assistance in recovery from eating disorders) are some of the types of opportunities for fellowship sponsored by Models for Christ. To connect with the small group nearest you and to request a monthly event email update, use the website "connect" form, email contact (at) modelsforchrist (dot) com or visit the Models for Christ Facebook page. Allow several weeks for a response, as communication is done by volunteers during down times in the seasonal fashion calendar.

If you work outside of New York, ask about branches of Models for Christ in Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Milan or other fashion capitals around the world. Remember that though the organization was founded with models in mind, all types of workers within the fashion industry participate in events.

Churches in New York City

For prospective New Yorkers who hold to the Christian faith or would like to investigate it, I recommend two non-denominational churches that I attended while living in Brooklyn and later on Long Island. I visited dozens of churches before finding these two and loved both of them from the first visits onward. Because New York is a world center for fashion and art, it is common to find people in attendance at most any area church who hold jobs related to the fashion or publishing industries. Regular church attendance is one of the best ways to connect with people for encouragement and fellowship, and it also facilitates rewarding opportunities to reach out to others who are in need. The dress code for both the churches listed below is casual.

  • Williamsburg Church, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was founded in 2005 by a group of young couples who met each other at Bob Jones Christian University in Greenville, South Carolina. Robert Elkin is the founding lead pastor. His wife Sarah grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, as the daughter of a pastor. Several other members who moved to New York specifically to help start the church have remained for years. The music when I attended in 2007-2008 was brilliant with meaningful text and modern chord progressions, and I enjoyed the music almost as the friendships and Elkin's thoughtfully-prepared weekly messages.
  • Shelter Rock Church on Long Island has two campuses, one in Syosset and the other in Manhasset. Several groups of pastoral and music staff rotate between the two locations, so the meetings offer variety from week to week. New visitors are made to feel comfortable without too much attention, and that is one of the first things I most appreciated about this church. The music is mostly contemporary, though it varies toward slightly more traditional depending on which music group is leading the service on any given week. Steve Tomlinson is the lead pastor and offers easy-to-understand messages with challenging concepts from the Bible during the weeks that it is his turn to speak.