Dormant Modest Fashion Blogs

Jen Magazine

Since 2004, former fashion model Jennifer Loch has worked in the field of modest clothing, beginning with an online magazine and then expanding into multiple advertising websites and her own modest clothing distribution company. Her magazine site, targeted to LDS readers, includes many categories in addition to modest clothing and is updated occasionally.

Screenshot of the Jewish Wedding Info logo

This official blog of the Chosson Kallah Jewish wedding planning resources group features stories of real Jewish brides.

Memoirs of a little thing called life screenshot

Chloe Rushworth is a young British fashion blogger who runs her own business as a public relations campaign manager. She shares her thrifty, and for the most part modest, clothing finds from the UK.

Silk and Purple fashion blog by a teen Christian blogger

Named after the Biblical reference to the virtuous woman's silk and purple clothing in Proverbs 31:22, this Christian fashion and etiquette blog is written by a group of women that include several teens, a mother of three young children and a grandmother. Also see our forum topic expanding on two fabulous posts from this blog.

Girltalk blog modesty topics

A mom and her three grown daughters write this blog about Christian womanhood. They occasionally publish an article about dressing modestly, and the archives of these articles are a wealth of well-written resources for someone wanting to learn more about modesty from a Biblical perspective.

The Pentecostal Lookbook blog

"Dress, live and embrace modesty," is this blog's tagline. With regular fashion inspiration boards and guest posts from authors of other Pentecostal style blogs, this resource is applies to anyone looking for fashion with a high degree of modesty, including skirts exclusively.

Christian Modesty Blogger

Taylor Willett offers her Bible-based views on modesty and posts pictures of ideas for outfit variations within the plain clothes movement, which includes ankle-length skirts.

Eliza Magazine Blog

This is the official blog of Eliza Magazine but has not been updated at the time of this writing since November 2013. Past blog entries and magazine issues are available. The magazine's goal reads, "Created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle."

A Skirt a Day

"A blog about fashion, refashion and a modest style," this site offers fashion inspiration from thrift-store finds. The author says, "I love to go thrift-store hunting and then refashion my finds into fabulous things." This blog is written for general audiences with an occasional Christian reference.

Sensibly Styled

Friends Natalie and Livi post photos and their views on fashion trends and resources that range from semi-modest to modest on this regularly updated blog.

Mod Style Lounge

Christian teens Sarah, Madeline and Haylie write, "Mod Style Lounge is a blog about modest and classy fashion and enhancing natural beauty, targeted at high school and college aged young women."

Clothed Much

Los Angeles resident Elaine Hearn has retired her blog but maintains an archive of content. She writes, "I want to show the world that you don't need a lot of money, a closet bursting with clothes, and a lot of skin showing to be stylin'."