Dormant Modest Fashion Blogs

Couture for Christ

This young writer who calls herself Southern Belle has assembled a visually stunning collection of inspiring photos. She describes her theme, "I desire to use this blog to encourage Christian ladies in modesty, femininity, and fashion."

The Gallery by Lynette Blog

Though wedding and formal dress expert Lynette Robinson has retired, her blog is still online showing several of her own dress collections as well as custom designs by request. She and her husband David owned The Gallery by Lynette, a wedding and formal dress store in Riverdale, Utah, for 35 years.

Image Envy

This 2007 graduate of BYU writes, "I majored in Clothing Design and Construction . . . . Now located in northwestern Ohio, I specialize in personal shopping, closet organization, and style profiling for individuals. I also work with small groups and organizations such as Mary Kay and Miss America doing presentations on dress codes, dressing to your body type, and how to dress professionally."

Vintage Hem Blog

This is the official blog for the Vintage Hem clothing company, a manufacturer of slips with decorative hems intended to show underneath skirts to help lengthen garments. The blog's title is, "Vintage Hem, Say It With a Slip, Musings and News of the Gals at Vintage Hem."

The Modest Maven

This inactive blog contains archives of designer fashion photos and posts the blogger describes as, ". . . All the cool things I find in the world that are fashionable and modest."

Modestly Styled. Modestly Me.

Debye, a mom in San Diego, California, describes her blog, "A fashion journal where modesty, a love of fashion, and a houseful of kids coexist . . . or at least try to."

Jen Magazine

Since 2004, former fashion model Jennifer Loch has worked in the field of modest clothing, beginning with an online magazine and then expanding into multiple advertising websites and her own modest clothing distribution company. Her magazine site, targeted to LDS readers, includes many categories in addition to modest clothing and is updated occasionally.

Screenshot of the Jewish Wedding Info logo

This official blog of the Chosson Kallah Jewish wedding planning resources group features stories of real Jewish brides.

Memoirs of a little thing called life screenshot

Chloe Rushworth is a young British fashion blogger who runs her own business as a public relations campaign manager. She shares her thrifty, and for the most part modest, clothing finds from the UK.

Model Me Girl blog screenshot

This blog is written by a Christian who offers brilliant tips for altering and layering clothing for added modesty.

Silk and Purple fashion blog by a teen Christian blogger

Named after the Biblical reference to the virtuous woman's silk and purple clothing in Proverbs 31:22, this Christian fashion and etiquette blog is written by a group of women that include several teens, a mother of three young children and a grandmother. Also see our forum topic expanding on two fabulous posts from this blog.

Girltalk blog modesty topics

A mom and her three grown daughters write this blog about Christian womanhood. They occasionally publish an article about dressing modestly, and the archives of these articles are a wealth of well-written resources for someone wanting to learn more about modesty from a Biblical perspective.