Dormant Modest Fashion Blogs

Colleen Hammond Dressing With Dignity Blog

Catholic author Colleen Hammond writes about modesty on her blog and in her book available from Amazon, Dressing with Dignity. She presents her case for modest dressing using examples from her own life experience as she transformed away from values she had during her early modeling, acting and television broadcasting days. The author also draws from numerous Biblical and church writings.

Modest Fashion Bloggers Network

Amanda Beth Flynn describes her modest fashion blog and shopping directory, "I am committed to bringing together the best of modest fashion blogs and sites, especially those with a Christian worldview . . . ." She also maintains her own separate blog, Amanda Beth Online.

Couture for Christ

This young writer who calls herself Southern Belle has assembled a visually stunning collection of inspiring photos. She describes her theme, "I desire to use this blog to encourage Christian ladies in modesty, femininity, and fashion."

Feelin' Feminine

Jocelyn Tzahala writes about her blog, "The mission of the Feelin’ Feminine site is simple, and it is our hope to ignite a fire that has long been put out. We hope to rekindle the beauty of dressing and looking feminine. . . . Feminine is the opposite of masculine, and they are both quite equal but so very different, working together to build and complete the unity of the family."

Modest Jewish Clothing

This is a sewing blog with tutorials and resources to assist in creating modest clothing that meets Orthodox Jewish standards.

Nautical Stripes

Mindy is a graduate student in San Diego, California. She is married to the love of her life, a U.S. Navy officer, thus the title of her blog. She writes, "My blog focuses on wearable, modest, and effortlessly fashionable clothes. I hope to give everyone ideas on how to be more creative with their wardrobes . . . ."

The Scarlet Thread

Official blog of The Scarlet Thread, a traditional clothing company founded by the Taylor family.

The Gallery by Lynette Blog

Though wedding and formal dress expert Lynette Robinson has retired, her blog is still online showing several of her own dress collections as well as custom designs by request. She and her husband David owned The Gallery by Lynette, a wedding and formal dress store in Riverdale, Utah, for 35 years.

Image Envy

This 2007 graduate of BYU writes, "I majored in Clothing Design and Construction . . . . Now located in northwestern Ohio, I specialize in personal shopping, closet organization, and style profiling for individuals. I also work with small groups and organizations such as Mary Kay and Miss America doing presentations on dress codes, dressing to your body type, and how to dress professionally."

Practically Pretty by Design Blog

Christian mom Bettie Need writes about sewing classes she teaches, modest clothing she sews to sell, and patterns that she has created, including a girls' shift e-pattern available for free download from her site.

Vintage Hem Blog

This is the official blog for the Vintage Hem clothing company, a manufacturer of slips with decorative hems intended to show underneath skirts to help lengthen garments. The blog's title is, "Vintage Hem, Say It With a Slip, Musings and News of the Gals at Vintage Hem."

Empowered Modesty Jewish blog

This blog, with the theme, "Clothing That Leaves Something to the Imagination," shares the latest news about modest clothing resources for a general audience as well as occasional resources targeted to Jewish readers.