Sweet Innocence Dresses by Diviine Modestee

Sweet Innocence knee-length dresses by Diviine Modestee

These dresses are knee length and have sleeves and modest necklines. A few of the styles would work as bridesmaid dresses. A Vintage Hem may be worn underneath for added length, if desired.


(Moderator update: this comment was apparently posted by someone who ordered dresses, wore them, and then demanded a full refund despite the company's exchange-only policy. Our inquiry produced timely replies and a full explanation from the company. We still recommend shopping with Diviine Modestee. Read further comments to see the company's explanation.)

Diviine Modestee is not a place I would ever shop at again. They have a "no refund" policy and exchanges are a such a hassle. They monitor all comments left on their site and delete anything negative, even if it is true. They take forever to respond to emails and phone messages. Save your money and shop elsewhere.

Modest clothing is so hard to find these days that we wish all comments regarding companies that supply it could be positive. However, we also appreciate insight into return and customer service practices. We have contacted Diviine Modestee directly to request their response to this customer's post. It is possible that her situation was out of the ordinary.

We appreciate the opportunity to reply to the above comment and we especially appreciate your support of modest clothing companies.

It is not a surprise to see "Jennifer's" complaint, because it's been posted all over the internet in a few different forms in an attempt to sabotage and slander our company. All because they (husband and wife) didn't read our policies before purchasing. Our return/exchange policies are on our website just like any other company and it really is the customer's responsibility to make themselves aware of any company's policies before they purchase. Diviine Modestee doesn't hide the fact that we are an exchange-only company. When they called unhappy with their dresses, we tried to work with them but they refused to budge on what they wanted, which was a full refund, something we are unable to do. The dresses purchased were even worn to the event they were purchased for. So our hands are tied, there is nothing more we can do for them.

One of the major complaints that they have is that we don't allow reviews. Of COURSE we allow reviews when they are 1) helpful to other customers, 2) worded politely, and 3) not spamming. When the same exact post/review is submitted 13 times and names one of our employees by name of course you get removed and blocked.

Diviine Modestee stands behind it's products 100% and we work with our customers within the bounds of our company policies. We have high-quality swimsuits and dresses that women love and feel comfortable wearing and look amazing in. While we may not be able to suit every woman's taste in clothing, we still strive hard to provide a great product and great service. There are some people who aren't happy with anything and we accept that and move on graciously.

Again, we appreciate your support in modest clothing and the opportunity to provide an explanation for the negative comment above.

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