Hannah Lise Modest Apparel for Women and Girls

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The strength of this retailer lies in its long skirt offerings, however, an occasional dress or skirt and top set in a more trendy style with country flair may rotate into stock each season. Jumpers and tops are also available. Selection changes seasonally.

Deva Lifewear

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Shop quickly! This company is going out of business after many years of great service. Only a few sizes are left in most styles. Several modest, casual dress options are offered by this family-owned company based in North Dakota, USA.


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Spend time among the 13 websites that make up Blair brands, and you will be sure to find modest clothing options, especially if you are looking for culottes, split skirts and gauchos (use the search bar at each website to type in these key words). Suits with long skirts are also plentiful among Blair brands, usually found among the menu options. Shipping is limited to the United States and Canada.


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