Quick Stitches Culottes

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Navigate to "Ready Made Products" to see the culotte styles available. Sewing patterns for these culottes are also available under "Patterns."

Bloomers 4U Split Skirt Slip

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This company specializes in undergarments for the Victorian and Renaissance eras. Each item is made to order and can be customized with different fabrics, trims and details to make styles such as this "pants slip" suitable for outerwear.

Knee Shorts

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For some activities, wearing shorts that cover to the knee may actually provide more modesty from all angles than some culottes. The founders of the Knee Shorts company value modesty and endeavor to design products that provide more coverage than the average shorts available on the market.

Dressing For His Glory Culottes

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Three styles of culottes are offered, pleats all around (pictured here), center front and back box pleats, and straight. Extra length is an option. All products are cut and sewn to order and ship within 14 days.


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